Hunt forecasts for oryx, ibex and Barbary sheep

Also known as gemsbok, South African oryx are a visually striking, large African antelope with distinct markings and long, straight horns grown by both sexes. Males typically have horns that are heavier and have larger bases, while the females typically have longer, thinner horns with smaller bases.

2023-2024 Oryx Hunting Forecast

Ibex Hunting Forecast
A veces llamada “bezoar goat” o “Persian goat”, la cabra montesa persa de patas cortas se considera el antepasado de la cabra domestica. Las cabras montesas miden aproximadamente 30 pulgadas en el hombro, y los cuartos traseros son notablemente más altos que los delanteros cuando están en terreno plano. Los machos adultos pesan hasta 110 libras y las hembras suelen pesar hasta 60 libras.

2023-2024 Ibex Hunting Forecast

Barbary Sheep Hunting Forecast
Barbary sheep, also known as aoudad, is one of three exotic big-game species hunted in New Mexico. Originally native to North Africa, Barbary sheep were first introduced to New Mexico in the 1940s by a private ranch in the southeastern part of the state. They were officially released in the 1950s in the Canadian River drainage near the Las Vegas Plateau. Since their release, there has been a rise in the popularity of hunting Barbary sheep in New Mexico, with licenses increasing to more than 1,000 annually.

2023-2024 Barbary Sheep Hunting Forecast