Hunters reminded to remove temporary deer stands from state wildlife areas

DOVER – With the 2016/17 deer hunting seasons closing today, hunters who have placed portable deer stands on state wildlife areas are reminded that all stands must be removed no later than 48 hours after the season ends. Any stands that remain on wildlife areas after Thursday, Feb. 2 will become the property of the Delaware Division of Fish & Wildlife.

Wildlife area rules were changed for the 2016/17 hunting season to provide hunters with additional opportunities by allowing temporary placement of portable deer stands on certain wildlife areas for the duration of the season. Previously, portable deer stands had to be carried in and out of wildlife areas daily.

“State wildlife areas are available for the use and enjoyment of everyone,” said Craig Rhoads, Habitat Conservation and Management program manager, Division of Fish & Wildlife. “To ensure the safety of wildlife area users to avoid impeding wildlife management activities and for hunters to avoid loss of their property, it is important that all temporary deer stands are removed promptly,” Rhoads said.

Under the revised rules for use of temporary, portable deer stands on state wildlife areas, no parts of these stands can be nailed or bolted to a tree. Hunters also are prohibited from cutting any vegetation or branches in order to hang a stand or to clear shooting paths. Hunters may set up their stands any time after Aug. 25. Placement of a stand on a wildlife area does not give the stand owner any exclusive rights to hunting a particular location.

For more information, contact the Division of Fish & Wildlife at 302-739-9912.