Hunters who harvest a tagged coyote can earn free lifetime license

The S.C. Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) released 16 more tagged coyotes statewide recently as part of the Coyote Harvest Incentive Program. This program was created in 2016 by the General Assembly, which directed SCDNR to develop and implement a coyote tagging and reward program

Annually, SCDNR traps, tags and releases four coyotes per game zone (16 total). Anyone who successfully takes and reports a tagged coyote will be rewarded with a free lifetime hunting license. The person reporting the tagged coyote has the option to designate anyone for the lifetime license such as a child, relative or friend.

Over the last seven years, a total of 112 coyotes have been tagged and released, including the 16 that were recently released. To date, under half of the tagged coyotes have been reported taken. Coyotes tagged in any year are eligible for the lifetime license incentive. The specially marked tags provide contact information on the tag. Only the uniquely identifiable SCDNR coyote tags are eligible for the lifetime license, as there are potentially some additional coyotes that have been tagged for research purposes with other tags.

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