Huron to Erie Corridor real-time monitoring network

Gov. Rick Snyder today signed a $375,000 supplemental appropriation to revitalize the Huron-to-Erie Corridor Monitoring Network, an initiative supported by the Michigan Office of the Great Lakes.

The Huron-to-Erie Corridor serves as a drinking water source for 3 million people in Southeast Michigan and also supplies Ontario, Canada. The funding will protect public health by creating a real-time data stream for the drinking water network, alerting plant operators of accidental spills, emergency diversions and harmful algal blooms.

The drinking water monitoring network, made up of 14 water intake facilities located on the Huron-to-Erie Corridor, needs to upgrade and replace aging equipment. The Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG) will administer the funding, distribute equipment and provide training to plant operators.

SEMCOG Director Kathleen Lomako said, “Local governments are committed to delivering clean and safe water to their residents. This funding will ensure these efforts continue.”

“A revitalized drinking water network will protect people who rely on Great Lakes water resources, and this funding is essential to restoring the system,” said Jon W. Allan, director of Michigan’s Office of the Great Lakes.

The initiative supports implementation of Michigan Water Strategy goals and the governor’s priority to ensure clean and safe drinking water for all Michiganders.

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