Iowa DNR responded to a crash involving diesel spill

WATERLOO, Iowa – Iowa Department of Natural Resources Field Office staff responded to a crash involving a Kwik Start tanker truck that hit a residence near the intersection of Hammond and E. Ridgeway in Waterloo on Thursday morning.

The tanker truck was carrying 7,500 gallons of B 20 diesel when it crashed into the residence around 6:30 a.m. The neighborhood where the crash happened has been evacuated and clean-up efforts are underway.

Approximately 5,000 gallons of diesel was spilled, much of that entered the sewer system and flowed into Dry Run Creek and eventually the Cedar River. Absorbent material has been placed along Dry Run Creek to soak up any diesel fuel and booms have been placed on the Cedar River as well. No fish were observed dead in either the creek or the river.

The DNR continues to investigate the spill and the area remains evacuated and closed off to traffic by law enforcement.