It is Free Fishing Weekend in Maine

During Free Fishing Weekend, any person (except those whose license has been suspended or revoked) may fish without a license. All other laws and regulations apply on these days.

Tips for a FUN day on the ice

Target warmwater species such as perch, chain pickerel, and bass for an action-filled day to help first timers get hooked.

Bring a warm drink or meal such as hot cocoa, hot dogs, or chili! The experience of being on the ice is what makes ice fishing memorable for many.

Make sure everyone dresses warm, stays dry, and pack extra mittens, hats, and socks. It’s better to have too many layers than not enough. And an extra pair of gloves is always handy in case one gets wet! Tall waterproof boots and snow or water resistant pants are great for wet conditions.

Cards, a football, cornhole, and ice skates makes time between flags just as fun! Or, build a snowman (no extra gear necessary).

Keep kids engaged with a task. If the kiddo with you isn’t quite ready to set a trap fully on their own, keep them engaged with their own responsibilities. It can be as simple as holding the skimmer, scooping the bait fish, or picking where the next hole will be!

Focus on the fun. For newbies, it isn’t about a trophy fish… Avoid super long walks, and aim for a half day… anything beyond that is a bonus!

Wondering where to fish?
Each month fisheries biologists across the State put together a list of recommended waters, how to access them, and fishing tips. Click here to read the February Fishing Report. Or view the Stocking Report to see where we stocked fish near you (focus on waters that were stocked fall 2022). Before you go, look at a depth map online to find an area with your target depth.

Please continue to use caution when venturing on Maine’s frozen waterways. Always check the ice for yourself. Click here for ice safety tips.