Join us for Salmon Sunday on November 12

CONCORD, N.H. — This weekend, you’ll have a chance to explore the life cycle of landlocked salmon, fish prized by anglers on New Hampshire’s big lakes, at the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department’s annual “Salmon Sunday.” The event takes place on Sunday, November 12, 2017, from 12 noon to 2 p.m. at Pope Dam in Melvin Village. Pope Dam is nine miles north of Wolfeboro on Route 109 in the town of Tuftonboro, N.H.

During the event, fisheries biologists will be busy harvesting, or “stripping,” eggs and milt from adult salmon. Standing knee-deep in the cold water of the Melvin River, scientists expertly relieve the colorful adult female salmon of their eggs by stroking their stomachs. Milt from the male fish is obtained in the same way and mixed with the gold-colored eggs to fertilize them.

Fish and Game staff will be on hand to answer questions about salmon, the egg-stripping process, and the stocking program that ensures these beautiful fish continue to be available in the lakes for anglers to catch. Salmon Sunday is a “rain or shine” event. Dress warmly. If you have questions about Salmon Sunday, call (603) 744-5470.

Underwater photographer Bob Michelson, of Braintree, Massachusetts, is scheduled to be at the event displaying images depicting the underwater life history of Atlantic salmon. Michelson will be available to answer questions about his observations of this species in the wild, as well as about SCUBA diving and underwater photography. Michelson has been a certified SCUBA diver and underwater photographer for almost 40 years. His work has been published widely, and his video footage and programming have aired on national networks. Michelson has generously donated many of his fish collection images for use on the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department website for education/outreach efforts.

Learn more about fisheries management in New Hampshire, which is funded in part by the federal Sport Fish Registration Program (financed by your purchases of fishing equipment and motorboat fuel), at