June 12 meeting in Seaside on diseases affecting big game

TILLAMOOK, Ore. — Join ODFW staff Tuesday, June 12 at 6:30 p.m. at the Seaside Civic and Convention Center (415 First Avenue, Seaside) to find out more about diseases affecting big game and regulations hunters need to follow to protect that state’s big game populations.

At the meeting, ODFW will provide an update on elk hoof disease, a bacterial infection that causes severe lameness in elk. Elk with the disease have deformed and overgrown or broken sloughed hooves and other hoof abnormalities related to the infection. The disease is most predominant in elk in southwest Washington, but Oregon is seeing scattered cases statewide.

While Chronic Wasting Disease has never been detected in Oregon, wildlife managers throughout North America are concerned about its spread. ODFW staff will provide the latest information about this always-fatal neurological disease, caused by a protein prion that damages the brain of infected cervids (deer, elk, or moose).

Currently, Oregon hunters who travel to hunt in a state with a case of CWD may not bring back certain parts of the animal that contain nervous system tissue. ODFW is proposing to expand that regulation to include all states or Canadian provinces beginning next year.

For more information, contact Herman Biederbeck, Herman.H.Beiderbeck@state.or.us, (503) 842-2741 ext. 227 or Michelle Dennehy, Michelle.N.Dennehy@state.or.us, (503) 947-6022.