Kansas Big Game Permit Drawing in January

PRATT – At a public meeting in Lawrence on Jan. 17, 2019, Kansas Wildlife, Parks and Tourism Commissioners will draw the names of seven conservation organizations that will receive special big game permits. The Commission Big Game Permit program allows eligible organizations a chance to draw one of seven big game permits, which can then be sold to raise funding for conservation projects.

Local chapters of nonprofit organizations based or operating in Kansas that actively promote wildlife conservation and the hunting and fishing heritage are eligible to apply. Organizations are not eligible to receive a Commission Big Game Permit more than once in a three-year period. Applications, which can be downloaded at ksoutdoors.com/KDWPT-Info/Commission, must be submitted by Jan. 1, 2019.

One elk, one antelope or up to seven deer permits are issued each year, depending on applicant preference. Deer permits are either-species/either-sex and are valid statewide during any season with legal equipment for that season; they do not count against other big game permits the license holder is eligible for.

Once the permit is sold, the cost of the permit, plus 15 percent of the total sale price, is subtracted and kept by the organization, while the remainder is remitted to the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism with a proposal for a conservation project. When the project is approved, the money is returned to the organization to complete the project. An exception to this procedure would occur if Kansas Hunters Feeding the Hungry (KHFH) is drawn. In that case, KHFH keeps 85 percent of the funds to help pay for processing donated deer.

For more information, visit ksoutdoors.com/KDWPT-Info/Commission or contact Commission secretary Sheila Kemmis at (620) 672-5911.