Larkspur man bitten on the hand by a bear

LARKSPUR, Colo. – A Larkspur resident was bitten on the hand by a bear Friday morning outside his home. That individual sought treatment at a hospital and was released.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife received a call at 7:10 a.m. Friday morning reporting the incident. Responding wildlife officers searched the area for the bear, which had returned to the home and was euthanized at 9:50 a.m. Due to the nature of the incident and the bear inflicting injury to a human, by state policy that animal must be euthanized.

The circumstances surrounding the bite appear to involve feeding and habituation, and are currently being investigated.

“People think they are doing the right thing by feeding wildlife and that it helps them out when in fact that selfish action causes them to lose their wild nature, is harmful to their wellbeing and in some cases causes them to become dangerous,” CPW Northeast Region Manager Mark Leslie said.

The bear will be transported to CPW’s wildlife health lab for necropsy and will be tested for rabies. The Tri-County Health Department has been notified.

“The unlawful feeding of bears and all wildlife is a problem in Larkspur and the greater area and it needs to stop,” Wildlife Officer Sean Dodd said. “This is a prime example of why laws are in place that prohibit those actions, it leads to the habituation of our wildlife and creates a public safety issue.”