Learn how to catch toothy tiger muskie

SALT LAKE CITY — Tiger muskie are the largest cool water fish in Utah. In just a few years, these voracious predators can reach almost four feet in length.

Because tiger muskie are sterile, they’re not concerned about reproduction. All they want to do is eat. If one ends up on the end of your fishing line, get ready — you’re in for the fight of your life.

The perfect way to put a tiger muskie on your fishing line is to attend a free seminar on April 20 in Salt Lake City.

The seminar runs from 7–8:30 p.m. at the Department of Natural Resources, 1596 W. North Temple. Members of the newest chapter of Muskies, Inc. — Mountain West Muskie, a group of local tiger muskie fishing experts — will present the seminar. One of the group’s members — and one of the presenters — is Kent Sorenson, regional habitat biologist for the Division of Wildlife Resources.

In addition to learning how to catch tiger muskie, you might walk away with some free tiger muskie fishing gear.

To attend the free seminar, you must preregister. You can do so at www.bit.ly/muskie2017.

What you’ll learn

Sorenson grew up fishing for muskie in Minnesota. Since moving to Utah in 1990, fishing for tiger muskie has become his passion.

“It’s a challenge to gear up and pit yourself against a predator that isn’t very predictable and is challenging to land, once you’ve hooked him,” Sorenson says. “They beat me a lot, but when I beat them, it feels oh so good.”

Sorenson says both beginning and experienced tiger muskie anglers will benefit from attending the seminar.

“If you’re just getting started,” he says, “you’ll learn how to prepare yourself for the challenge. If you already have some tiger muskie fishing experience, you’ll be able to glean information on specific aspects of tiger muskie fishing that will increase your odds of consistently contacting muskies.

” All attendees will be exposed to a network of other muskie enthusiasts ready to share tips and tricks. The friends I’ve made through tiger muskie fishing is one of the things I treasure most.”

You’ll learn the following at the seminar:

The fishing equipment you need
How to reel a tiger muskie in without losing the fish
Proper netting, gill plate grab and steps for releasing
Seasonal tactics for spring, summer and fall

After the presentations, you can get your questions answered during a question-and-answer session.

Mountain West Muskie, the Utah Blue Ribbon Fisheries Advisory Council and the DWR have joined forces to make the seminar possible.