Louisiana Cautions Waterfowl Hunters Of Dangerous Conditions

In the midst of waterfowl season, it’s tempting to take every opportunity to get out and get on some birds. But due to dangerously high waters around the state, remember to take your safety into account before heading to the blind.

Loose cattail mats can change marsh topography rapidly, and currents are running fast in unexpected places. DNR conservation wardens have responded to distress calls in the past 24 hours from hunters stranded on the water as flood stage conditions worsen.

DNR staff are working hard to remove blockages and control water flow where possible. Even so, we expect water levels to remain high for many days to weeks as a result of recent storms.

Anyone heading onto the water should:

Wear a life jacket.
Watch for floating debris and avoid strong current areas
Stay within your personal ability and equipment limits.
Make an outing plan and share it with a friend or family member so someone knows where you are and when to expect your return.

Whether the water is high or low, remember that your safety is the number one priority!