Maine Aantlerless deer permit information

First come, first served antlerless deer permits will be available for purchase online only beginning Wednesday, October 5 at 9:00 AM. Antlerless deer permits are $12 (plus $2 agent fee). Proceeds from this permit will help fund the acquisition and management of deer wintering areas (DWAs), primarily in northern Maine. Please take the time to prepare yourself by reading the information and frequently asked questions below.

Be prepared and have the following information ready:
Name and Date of Birth (Note: If you misspelled your name or date of birth on your current hunting license, you must enter it the same way for the system to recognize you)
MOSES ID (optional but highly encouraged, can be found on current hunting license)
Preferred Wildlife Management Districts (WMDs). Have at least 2-3 WMDs in mind in case there are no permits available for your top choice WMD. Find WMD maps at
Credit card information

Be patient:
MDIFW has implemented a queue system to prepare for extremely high site traffic on October 5.

Starting at 9:00 AM on October 5, users entering the purchase site will be entered into the queue. The queue system will release customers from the queue in the order they joined to ensure the purchase site can manage the number of active users.

Hunters should expect to wait and be patient. If you are in the queue, you will be given an expected wait time and your opportunity to purchase a permit will come when it is your turn.

To purchase a permit online, users will need to go to this website page and click “Purchase Permit” under the “Over the Counter Permit” section.

Frequently Asked Questions
Where can I purchase a permit?
Online only. The link to purchase an “Over the Counter Permit” online will be posted on this website page at October 5 at 9:00 AM.

How many antlerless deer permits can I purchase?
Only one antlerless deer permit may be purchased online.

If you already purchased an antlerless deer permit that was issued through the lottery, you can purchase a second antlerless deer permit online.

If antlerless deer permits still remain after the start of the firearms season, a hunter may purchase one additional permit. Hunters will be notified of the opportunity to purchase additional permits on the MDIFW website in early November.

Who can purchase a permit online?
All hunters, including those who did not apply to the lottery, those who received a permit through the lottery, and those that applied to the lottery but did not receive a permit through the lottery, may purchase an antlerless deer permit online on a first come, first served basis.

Which WMDs will have permits available?
The number of permits available for purchase in each WMD will be posted in real-time beginning 9:00 AM on October 5. Hunters cannot see which WMDs have permits available until they log in to purchase a permit.

Some of the WMDs had more permits available than applicants for that WMD. There are more than 30,000 antlerless deer permits available for purchase cumulatively in WMDs 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 29, and subunit 25a. Other WMDs will have fewer or no permits available.

I received an Antlerless Deer Permit through the lottery and claimed it. Do I need to use that permit before purchasing another?