Maine Antlerless Deer Permit Update

The antlerless deer permit webpage issues on October 5 were disappointing and frustrating to all of us, and we thank you for your understanding as we navigate this new permit system. We share in your frustrations and disappointment and look forward to an improved experience on Tuesday, October 11 at 11:00 AM.

The Department, along with InforME, the state’s Ecommerce internet gateway, anticipated and tested for higher traffic volumes than the state has ever seen. The Department and InforME integrated Queue-It, an internet commerce company used by companies such as Ticketmaster, to handle the high traffic surge. Unfortunately, 10 minutes before the queue system would begin for the permit purchasing page, the server for the landing page stopped responding due to unprecedented demand.

We hoped for a quick fix, but despite several attempts, there was none, so at 10:10 we decided to reschedule the lottery for October 11 at 11:00 AM to give hunters a more reliable purchase experience and fair notice for entering the purchase site. By 10:12 AM hunters were notified of the rescheduled date via email and Facebook, followed by updates to the MDIFW website, Twitter, and an updated recording on the main MDIFW phone line.

The MDIFW and InfoME team has been assessing and improving the system and pages since it went down Tuesday at 8:50 AM. The page which failed to load on October 5 has been optimized and is prepared to handle all the users that attempted to visit on Wednesday plus more. The queueing system will allow several thousand users to enter each minute. People in the queue will be given an approximate wait time and will be notified as WMDs sell out.

The team continues to assess the systems and prepare for a reliable and fair user experience next week.

We have received concerns from people who have prior commitments for Tuesday, October 11 at 11:00 AM and will not be able access the site. If this includes you, please consider using a friend or family member to handle the transaction on your behalf, as anyone in the queue can purchase for themselves and up to three others.

Be prepared and have the following information ready:
Name and Date of Birth (Note: If you misspelled your name or date of birth on your current hunting license, you must enter it the same way for the system to recognize you)
MOSES ID (optional but highly encouraged, can be found on current hunting license)
Preferred Wildlife Management Districts (WMDs). Have at least 2-3 WMDs in mind in case there are no permits available for your top choice WMD. Find WMD maps at
Credit card information

Be patient:

MDIFW has implemented a queue system to prepare for extremely high site traffic on October 11.

Starting at 11:00 AM on October 11, users entering the purchase site will be entered into the queue. The queue system will release customers from the queue in the order they joined to ensure the purchase site can manage the number of active users.

Hunters should expect to wait and be patient. If you are in the queue, you will be given an expected wait time and your opportunity to purchase a permit will come when it is your turn.

To purchase a permit online, users will need to go to this website page and click “Purchase Permit” under the “Over the Counter Permit” section.