Maine ATV and Snowmobile Laws available digitally

It’s convenient. Even without cell or internet service, smartphone users can access their pre-downloaded law book to check a technical rule, confirm registration fees, etc. If you always keep your phone on you (and charged) to take photos or use the GPS, this is a no-brainer.

It’s easy. Save yourself the trip to Town Hall, and simply follow these instructions:

From your iPhone: In Safari, go to Click the link for the PDF you want to download. When it opens, tap on the first page, then tap Open in iBooks. The file is now saved in your iBooks app.

From your Android: In Chrome, go to Tap on the menu (3 dots) on the right, then tap Download. The file is now saved to your Downloads app. (some Android users will also need to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader app).

From your Computer: Go to to save a copy and/or print just the pages you need.

It’s flexible. You can download the full law book. You can also look up specific laws or rules any time on our website.

It helps the Maine outdoors. Every year, we print over 125,000 ATV & Snowmobile law books. That’s (a) a lot of paper, and (b) a lot of money that we think would be better spent preserving Maine’s fish and wildlife and their habitats. Trusting that many of you will agree and opt for the digital version, we reduced the number of printed copies of the hunting law book a bit this year, and eliminated printing of the ATV & Snowmobile law book.