Maine Furbearer Management Plan

We’re seeking public input on Phase Three of the draft 2020–2030 Furbearer Management Plan through Friday, April 21 at 11:59pm.

This Plan was developed through extensive consultation with Department staff, technical experts, stakeholder representatives, and the general public. A scientific survey of Maine residents, hunters, trappers, and landowners was conducted during the early phase of the planning process to gather information and guide strategies to address research and monitoring, policy and regulations, and communication needs over the 10-year life of the Plan. In some cases, consensus could not be achieved on certain topics and strategies could not be moved forward.

The draft plan represents comprehensive planning, coordination, and public engagement centered around 6 overarching management goals:

Maintain healthy and abundant furbearer populations
Maintain sustainable furbearer harvests
Maintain trapping opportunities
Increase public understanding of furbearers and furbearer management
Minimize human-wildlife conflicts
Conservation of other species
Phase Three is the final phase of the draft plan and includes the following species chapters: marten, fisher, raccoon, striped skunk, Virginia opossum, short + long-tailed weasel, and red squirrel. Phase Two included Eastern coyote, red and gray fox, and bobcat. Phase One included beaver, river otter, American mink, and muskrat.