Maine turkey hunting workshops

The first posting of courses filled so quickly we added new sessions and locations!

The spring wild turkey hunting season is just around the corner! Wild turkey hunting is an interactive and engaging activity offering good opportunities for new hunters to quickly gain hunting experience, while also presenting ample challenge to keep experienced hunters on their toes.

MDIFW is now offering two levels of instruction:

In Session I, you will learn:

Turkey habits and habitats
Turkey hunting tactics: camouflage, calling, decoys, roosting
Maine turkey hunting laws and regulations
Hunting equipment options: shotgun, bow, crossbow
Hunting methods
Setting up on a bird
Taking the shot
After the shot: retrieving, processing and enjoying your bird

In Session II, you will learn more about shotguns, choke sizes, judging distance, shot patterning and safe firearm handling. In this session participants will shoot at stationary targets at different distances simulating turkey hunting to practice shot placement and patterning.

These workshops will be a blend of hands-on demonstration and hands on practice, and led by professional staff, registered Maine guides, and experienced hunters.

If you wish to attend both sessions, you must sign up for both. (Some venues may only offer session 1 or session II, see registration details per event).

We still have openings in Auburn, Augusta, Hope, and Millinocket.