MDWFP Offers Advice For Submitting Deer Samples For CWD Testing

Rifle season is in full swing and hunters are submitting deer to CWD drop-off freezers across the state. Here are some tips to help MDWFP maximize efficiency and return results to hunters in a timely manner:

1. Help us keep drop-off locations clean – Some drop-off stations are located on county or municipal properties. Please clean any blood or hair that may have soiled the drop-off area.

2. Remove the antlers – Please remove the antlers before placing a head in the freezer, even if the hunter does not wish to save the antlers.

3. Fill out the Biological Sample Tag completely – Hunters need to provide their last name and the county in which the deer was harvested to be able to check their results.

4. Complete one card for each sample – Please complete a card for each deer harvested to separate them in our database.

5. Provide the correct material – Please remove the head approximately 4 inches below the jawline so that biologists can locate the correct tissues. Please do not include any remaining cape or other body parts as they take up excess space in the freezers.