Mexico wolf pair welcomes third litter of wild-born pups

Mexico’s National Commission of Natural Protected Areas (CONANP) recently reported the sighting of four wild-born Mexican wolf pups in the state of Chihuahua. The pups represent the third consecutive year that the mated pair M1215 and F1033 has produced offspring.

With the birth of this litter, Mexico’s Mexican wolf population in the wild has reached 21 animals, according to CONANP.

“Arizona wishes to congratulate Mexico on their recent successes toward the recovery of Mexican wolves in their historical habitat and offer our continued support of their efforts,” said Jim deVos, the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s assistant director of wildlife management. “The vast majority of historical habitat for the Mexican wolf is in Mexico, so their efforts and successes provide a significant contribution to the recovery of the subspecies.”

The Arizona Game and Fish Department has collaborated with Mexican experts to develop a habitat suitability evaluation that will assist CONANP in planning future recovery efforts in Mexico.

Arizona Game and Fish has been actively involved in a multi-agency effort to reintroduce Mexican wolves to portions of the Southwest since the 1980s.