Michigan baiting and feeding ban remains firmly in effect

DNR offices around the state continue to field questions from people confused about the status of the baiting and feeding ban for deer and elk in the Lower Peninsula and the core CWD surveillance area in the Upper Peninsula. The DNR wants to let all hunters know that the ban has not changed and remains fully in effect.

Bills to lift the ban have been approved in the Michigan Legislature, but nothing has been sent to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer or signed into law. The governor has promised to veto the legislation should it come to her desk.

This is important information, given that Michigan’s firearm deer season started Friday. The DNR will notify the public of any significant changes to deer regulations that might occur.

For more information watch this brief video explaining the baiting and feeding ban, visit Michigan.gov/Deer or contact the DNR Wildlife Division at 517-284-9453.