Michigan DNR announces new Urban Deer Management Zone

Beginning in 2018, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources will initiate a pilot program for an extended archery season in Macomb, Oakland and Wayne counties, known as the Urban Deer Management Zone. This program will extend the archery season until Jan. 31, 2018 in these counties.

All rules and regulations for the archery season apply. The DNR reminds hunters that baiting is not allowed after Jan. 1. Bait may not be used during this extended season. Licenses including a deer license, combination deer license or antlerless deer license will be valid during the extended season.

This season will continue for three years, with an evaluation completed after the 2019 season to determine if the season should be extended.

“There can be excellent hunting opportunities available for archery hunters in January,” said Chad Stewart, DNR deer specialist. “This extended season also could be used to help benefit municipalities by using archers as a low-cost first attempt to resolve their urban deer conflicts.”

Be aware that some bucks may have shed their antlers and now appear as antlerless deer. Hunters are encouraged to identify whether an animal is a doe or a shed buck by looking closely at the top of its head before making their harvest decision. Bucks that have shed their antlers will have two circular markings on the tops of their head indicating where the antlers detached. Shed bucks may be tagged as antlerless deer; however, the DNR encourages hunters to harvest does on antlerless licenses when possible.

Archery deer hunting rules and regulations can be found in the 2017 Hunting and Trapping Digest.