Michigan fishing regulations changed at Sept. 14 NRC meeting

At its last meeting Thursday, Sept. 14, in Lansing, the Michigan Natural Resources Commission approved several fishing regulation changes regarding the Big Island Lakes Complex in Schoolcraft County, reptile and amphibian possession and ice shanties.

The regulations are part of multiple Fisheries Orders the Michigan Department of Natural Resources uses to protect the state’s aquatic resources. The Fisheries Orders include 201, 224 and 251.

Fisheries Order 201 sets fishing regulations on waters within the Big Island Lake Complex in Schoolcraft County. The approved change moves the northern pike minimum size limit from 42 to 24 inches and increases the daily possession limit from one to two fish, removes reference to the muskellunge harvest tag and changes the muskellunge possession season to the first Saturday in June through Nov. 30. This Fisheries Order takes effect April 1, 2018.

Fisheries Order 224 established regulations for Michigan’s reptiles and amphibians. The approved changes are administrative modifications that result in no regulation changes for anglers. This Fisheries Order takes immediate effect.

Fisheries Order 251 is a new order developed to regulate the use of ice fishing shanties in Michigan. The order mirrors ice shanty regulations already listed in statute. This Fisheries Order takes immediate effect.