Michigan five-day quiet period begins Thursday

‘Twas days before firearm deer season, and all through the state, hunters were readying stands, blinds and camps, hoping crafty deer would cooperate. Although Michigan hunters understandably are getting excited to hit the woods, they must respect the five-day “quiet period” Nov. 10-14.

During these days, it is unlawful to transport or possess a rifle or shotgun with buckshot, slug load, ball load or cut shell in an area frequented by deer. Unloaded firearms securely encased or carried in the trunk of a vehicle may be transported to or from a hunting camp. Refer to the 2022 DNR hunting digest for more information.

“From sighting in rifles to sprucing up the old deer blind, preseason activities can be a hectic time for firearm deer hunters,” said Capt. Pete Wright, DNR Law Enforcement Division. “The five-day quiet period creates a window of time, just prior to the opener, in which hunters can catch their breath and the woods have a chance to calm. This period is like pushing a reset button, allowing deer to settle back into their day-to-day patterns, which in turn increases the chances of a successful hunt.”

If you’re hunting for small game or waterfowl, or fur harvesting, you can still carry the appropriate firearm for your season. Small game and waterfowl hunters may carry a shotgun with shotshells for hunting small game, but cannot possess buckshot, slugs, ball loads or cut shells during this time. Fur harvesters may carry a rimfire firearm .22-caliber or smaller while actively hunting or checking traplines during the open furbearing animal season.

Contact the Report All Poaching hotline at 800-292-7800 to report trespassing, shooting and other related natural resource violations.