Mickelson Pond To Be Stocked With Thousand Plus Rainbow Trout

PIERRE, S.D. – Cleghorn Springs State Fish Hatchery staff will release 1,200 11-inch rainbow trout into Mickelson Pond on Wednesday, Oct. 18, in Pierre.

The water temperatures have cooled making it suitable for trout this fall and winter. A cooperative project between the City of Pierre and the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks led to installation of an Americans with Disabilities Act accessible floating fishing pier, shore fishing areas, a vault toilet, parking area and other amenities.

The pond will be stocked with warm water fish like bass, bluegills and crappies in the spring and summer months and with trout when the water cools in the fall.

Mickelson pond was constructed by the city of Pierre in 1995. It is located on the north side of 4th Street.