Moraine Natural Preserve to close Dec. 15-18 for deer reduction

Moraine Nature Preserve will be closed to public access for a deer reduction hunt, Dec. 15-18

Moraine is a 474-acre nature preserve in Porter County, owned and managed by the DNR Division of Nature Preserves. Hunting will take place on 115 acres. All regulations of muzzleloader season will apply

The closure includes trails and parking facilities. Closing the property to everyone except selected hunters will reduce conflict and increase safety.

Two qualified hunters per day were selected by lottery to perform the deer reduction. The preserve is not being opened to hunting in general

The deer-reduction is an effort to help maintain the preserve’s rare and unique ecosystem. With few natural predators left to keep populations in check, deer can damage native plant communities by over-browsing. Deer feeding has been documented to be especially damaging to white trilliums and other spring wildflowers.

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