More people fishing in Wyoming

Cheyenne – More people are buying fishing licenses in Wyoming according to recent Wyoming Game and Fish Department data. The increase of 6% in sales last year represents a growing interest in fishing as well as further budget stabilization for Game and Fish.

The steady increase in license sales reflects a total of over $7 million of annual sales in 2015. Sales of all types of fishing licenses increased in 2015, with the biggest increases in nonresident license buyers. Resident license sales also increased, including steady sales of lifetime licenses that include fishing privileges.

“It is great to see fishing license sales continuing to increase. Wyoming has some fantastic fishing opportunities and I’m glad to see more people are taking advantage of the excellent fishing. This is positive for the future of fishing in Wyoming as well as Game and Fish,” said Dirk Miller, Game and Fish deputy chief of fisheries.

Through sportsperson dollars, Game and Fish works to conserve and manage the wildlife resources in Wyoming. Almost 80% of revenue to the department comes from sportsmen and sportswomen. Increased fishing license sales provides stable funding for fisheries management. So, those places anglers like to go and the fish they like to catch, will be there in the future. License sales revenue is used to support all aspects of fishery management including fish stocking, fishery and angler surveys, and habitat projects.

“We appreciate the continued investment in the great fishing we have in Wyoming,” said Miller.