Mountain Lion Tracks Confirmed in Lincoln

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department has confirmed that animal tracks observed in the city of Lincoln early this morning were from a mountain lion.

Furbearer biologist Stephanie Tucker said the tracks indicated the cat moved through Lincoln and a development area to the east of the University of Mary, and continued south toward the Oahe Wildlife Management Area.

“We followed the tracks to the south of the University of Mary,” Tucker said. “It appeared to be heading toward the river and the wildlife management area.”

Officers from the Lincoln Police Department and Burleigh County Sheriff’s Department helped in tracking the lion.

This is the second confirmed mountain lion in the Bismarck area within the last month. In early January, law enforcement personnel shot and killed a mountain lion near the Bismarck Municipal baseball field.

The Bismarck area is located in mountain lion hunting zone 2 in North Dakota. The mountain lion season in zone 2 is open through March 31. There is no limit on the number of mountain lions that can be taken in zone 2.