Native fish restoration activity planned for Whitewater Creek

SANTA FE – Native Gila trout restoration efforts on Whitewater Creek are rescheduled for July 10-11, 2018. Due to water conditions the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish was unable to implement the project as previously scheduled.

As part of the Whitewater Creek Native Fish Restoration Project, the department will remove non-native trout from Whitewater Creek to allow restoration of Gila trout to its native range. This portion of the project starts at the Gila National Forest boundary below the Catwalk National Recreation Trail parking area and continues upstream approximately 2 miles to the intersection with Gold Dust Trail (Forest Trail #41).

The department will apply CFT Legumin®, 5 percent rotenone and Prentox® Prenfish Toxicant Powder™ to the stream to remove non-native salmonids. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has determined that rotenone is highly effective for removal of invasive fishes and that the resulting concentrations of ingredients poses little, if any, hazards to public health. Treated water will not leave the project area.

A temporary closure for July 10-11 will be issued by the Gila National Forest Supervisor Adam Mendonca. Signs will be posted at all trailheads that access closed areas. For more information on the Gila National Forest, visit For information on the native Gila trout, visit