Nebraska special multi-species auctions coming up

Would you like the chance at a unique or hard-to-get permit? Each year, partner conservation organizations auction off a limited number of special permits. This year’s auctions include:

Now through Feb. 17: Res./Non-Res. Elk, Nebraska National Wild Turkey Federation.

February 17-18: Deer/turkey, Platte River Safari Club.

March 25: Deer/turkey, Big Game Conservation Association.

March 25: Res./Non-Res. Elk, Iowa Wild Sheep Foundation.

April 4-6: Deer/turkey, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

May 4: Res./Non-Res. Elk, Nebraska Big Game Society.

TBD: Deer/turkey, Raised at Full Draw.

Most organizations allow phone-in or online bidding during their auctions. More info