Nevada Division of Forestry receives new lifesaving helicopter

CARSON CITY, NV – The Nevada Division of Forestry (NDF) is excited to announce the new addition of an advanced rescue hoist system, which will aid in emergency response and lifesaving rescue efforts primarily for injured wildland firefighters. Hoist extraction is the use of a mechanical retractable cable on which a rescuer is lowered from a hovering helicopter to a victim’s side to secure the victim. Both are then raised to the interior of the helicopter to fly the victim to the next level of professional medical care.

In emergency or rescue situations, time is of the essence. An installed hoist rescue system is the quickest and most effective method for NDF crews to access and rescue individuals, supporting the best possible outcomes for the injured victim.

“NDF, working with cooperators, is very excited to roll this new equipment out for the safety and well-being of firefighters in Nevada,” said Kacey KC, State Forester Firewarden at the Nevada Division of Forestry. “This equipment is critical in supporting our mission of protecting life and property in our great state.”

In Nevada, numerous situations have prompted aerial evacuation of firefighters, injured individuals, and those lost in remote locations. With the most advanced safety mechanisms, coupled with unmatched efficiency and proven reliability, the new rescue hoist is recognized as the industry-leading method for air rescue.

Additionally, due to the nature of our basin-and-range state, wildfires often spark in remote areas that are inaccessible to rescue vehicles. The hoist will be a critical tool that allows EMTs to quickly access, stabilize, secure, and extract injured firefighters and members of the general public from these remote areas.

This week, the Nevada Division of Forestry and local government partners have been receiving professional training to utilize this new equipment. Interested in seeing the rescue hoist in action? Join NDF for a live demonstration this Friday and Saturday, 1pm-3pm, at the Alpine County Airport. For more information, call 775-684-2506.