New Jersey Fish & Wildlife’s Photo Campaign

The Division wants to partner with you and share your photos! Photos will be added to our photo library for our use. We are accepting photos of New Jersey’s fish, wildlife, habitats, and the recreation associated with them. We are committed to the principles of equity, diversity and inclusiveness, and encourage entries from people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds.

Please send your photos to

All photo submissions will become the property of the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife and may appear in NJDFW publications, on our social media pages, outreach materials, and on our website. An acknowledgement of the photographer may be made with each use of the photograph.

Photographs must be accompanied by the following information. If all information is not included, your photo may not be used:

1. Name and age of person in photo (if pictured) and name of the photographer
2. Written consent – from either the parent or legal guardian of the person in the photo (if under age 18), or from the person in the photo (if age 18 or older) for the photo to be published, if available.
3. Date of photo
4. Location of photo
5. Name of photographer

Photo parameters:

1. Keep the file size below 4 MB and send only 1-2 photos per e-mail.
2. Photos should be in JPG, TIF, PNG, GIF, PDF, HEIC, or BMP formats.

All submissions will become the property of the Division of Fish & Wildlife. By submitting a photo, the person submitting the photo agrees that any and all intellectual property rights in the photo are transferred to Division of Fish & Wildlife.

A submission constitutes permission to use the name, likeness, and information provided for publicity purposes without further permission or compensation.

Division of Fish & Wildlife reserves the right to modify a photo. A modification of any photo by the Division will not negate any intellectual property rights transferred by the person who submitted the photo to the Division.

Each person submitting a photo further understands and agrees to relinquish all claims, rights (including any moral rights), and benefits related to the display, modification, reproduction, publication, distribution, use, and other exploitations of the photo submitted.