New Mexico 2021 Licenses, Spring Turkey and E-Tag

Sales of “over-the-counter” fishing and hunting licenses for the 2021-2022 license year are underway.

Anglers will need a 2021-2022 fishing license beginning April 1.

If you purchased a game-hunting or game-hunting and fishing license through the 2021-2022 draw application, it is now available in your account under my purchases.

Wednesday, April 7 is the deadline for submitting 2020–2021 harvest reports for Barbary sheep, ibex, javelina, oryx and trapper license holders to be eligible for big-game licenses. Failure to report for these species by this date will result in rejection of all draw applications. An $8 late fee will apply.

Get Your Spring Turkey License

Youth Season: April 9 to 11

General Season: April 15 to May 10

The bag limit is two bearded turkeys, except in permitted areas. The beard and a patch of feathers surrounding the beard must remain on the bird until it is delivered to the place where it will be eaten or placed in final storage.

Updates to the E-Tag mobile app available

If you plan to use the New Mexico E-Tag mobile app to tag any big-game animal or turkey in New Mexico in the 2021 license year, please download and install the newest version prior to hunting.

The app will now allow any big-game species or turkey to be e-tagged, regardless of hunt dates, area or bag limit.

Animals or turkeys may only be tagged within the hunt dates. Prior to the start of the hunt, the app will display “Not Yet Available.”

Mobility Impaired Fishing Licenses

Handicapped fishing licenses are available to New Mexico residents with a permanent disability in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Applicants must have one or more disabilities that substantially limit major life activities. These fishing licenses require a Habitat Stamp, if applicable, and the Habitat Management & Access Validation.

Disabled veterans game-hunting and fishing licenses are available to residents who are disabled veterans of the armed services, but do not meet the 100%-disabled qualification. This is a $10 game-hunting and fishing license. Disabled veteran game-hunting and fishing licenses are available online, at local vendors and through game and fish support outlets.