North Dakota Anglers Asked to Report Winterkill

North Dakota Game and Fish Department fisheries biologists are asking anglers to report any lakes that may have experienced winter fish mortality.

Fisheries management section leader Scott Gangl said some winterkill is expected every year, with the severity depending on winter weather. Despite the heavy snow that covered much of the state in December, he doesn’t anticipate major widespread fish kills.

“Our biologists found acceptable levels of oxygen in most lakes during their mid-winter sampling,” Gangl said. “However, we expect some lakes to winterkill. Our staff will be busy spawning fish in the coming weeks, so anglers can help by notifying us of any lakes where they encounter dead fish.”

Biologists will begin sampling suspected winterkill lakes later this spring once fish spawning operations are completed to document the severity of any die-offs.

Anglers should report fish mortality in any North Dakota water by contacting the Game and Fish Department’s main office in Bismarck at 701-328-6300, or the local Game and Fish district office.