Oahu Offshore Islets Reopening

Honolulu – All of the O‘ahu Offshore Island State Seabird Sanctuaries normally listed as open for restricted access are reopening to keep in sync with Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell’s opening of beaches. Those islands are Mokuauia, Popoia, Kapapa, and the Mokulua Islands.

Visitors to the islands and islets are asked to remember that these islands are important refuges for native seabirds, plants, and insects, as well as for Hawaiian Monk seals and other protected and endangered ocean species. This is the time of year when seals may be pupping and it’s important that they be left alone. The islands are open to RESTRICTED access, but that access does not include access to seabird nesting areas, or areas near monk seals that may be hauled out on the beach. The islands are closed from sunset to sunrise to protect nesting seabirds, who are especially active at night. No fires, dogs, camping, or tents, tarps or other structures are

allowed at any time on the islands.

The other O‘ahu Offshore Island Seabird Sanctuaries, including Kihewamoku, Pulemoku, Kukuihoolua, Mokualai, Kekepa, Moku Manu, Mokulea, Manana, and Kaohikaipu are normally closed, and remain so.

The islands are under the jurisdiction of the DLNR Division of Forestry and Wildlife, which manages the State Seabird Sanctuary System for the protection and management of native Hawaiian coastal ecosystems. Visitors to the island are asked to obey closed area and warning signs, and not disturb wildlife or damage vegetation. Violations can be reported via the DLNRTip app, available at the App Store, or by calling 643-DLNR.