ODFW Seeks Comment on Three Fish Passage Waiver Requests

SALEM, Ore. – ODFW is seeking public comment on requests to exempt the fish passage requirements for the following three Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) culvert locations in Lane County:

ODOT plans to repair or replace the culverts at the above locations and will trigger Oregon’s State fish passage requirements.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife may grant fish passage waivers at locations if mitigation is performed that provides an appreciable benefit to native migratory fish greater than what would be achieved if passage was provided at the waiver sites. ODOT proposes to replace another culvert, located on Maple Creek, a tributary of the Middle Fork Willamette River, also in Lane County as mitigation for not providing fish passage at the waiver sites.

Each of the unnamed tributaries could provide habitat for cutthroat trout if passage were provided at the culvert locations. However, ODFW has made the initial determination that providing fish passage at the Maple Creek culvert will provide a greater benefit to native migratory fish than providing passage at the three unnamed tributaries.

The Fish Passage Task Force will be asked to consider these three waivers and provide a recommendation to the Department at the virtual meeting on June 4, 2021.

Project details, the fish passage waiver applications, and the ODFW net benefit analysis and supporting information can be found on the Fish Passage Task Force Web site. Written public comments may be submitted through May 31, 2021.

Members of the public can send written comments to or request additional information from Katherine Nordholm, 4034 Fairview Industrial Dr., Salem, Ore. 97302, e-mail Katherine.e.nordholm@odfw.oregon.gov, or by calling (503) 947-6274.

There also will be an opportunity for public comment at the Fish Passage Task Force meeting on June 4, 2021. If you wish to provide a verbal public comment, you must pre-register 48 hours in advance of the meeting.