ODFW will not propose expanded bear hunting in the lower Rogue River

CENTRAL POINT, Ore – ODFW will not propose bear hunting between Grave Creek and Lobster Creek on the lower Rogue River, including the Wild and Scenic section during the upcoming 2021 big game hunting regulation process.

The concept was introduced to the public for feedback in late June and the comments received did not show strong support for the proposal at this time.

The agency’s goal with this concept was to simplify regulations, potentially reduce human safety risks by removing localized bears through recreational harvest, use hunting pressure to modify behavior of human habituated bears, and to increase hunting opportunity as a consistent management tool for Oregon’s bear population.

ODFW District Wildlife Biologist Steve Niemela said staff will continue working with federal land management partners to educate river users and help resolve human-bear conflicts at improved and unimproved campgrounds in the Wild and Scenic section of the Rogue River.

“We’ve been working with our federal partners to address bear conflicts with rafters, hikers, and campers in this section of the river through public education and policy reform,” Niemela said. “When necessary, we coordinate lethal removal of specific bears that demonstrate aggressive behaviors toward people.”