Operation Orphans, Inc. Boy’s Fishing Camp

69 boys and their chaperones and counselors came to Camp Gene Ashby, located in Mason county, Friday, April 13, to participate in the Operation Orphans, Inc. Fishing Camp. Despite the gusting winds and cold temperatures the boys enjoyed fishing Saturday at six area ranches. Boys had to raid the Operation Orphans clothing room to get sweaters and jackets. Facilities bringing boys were Methodist Boy’s Ranch, Waco; Gulf Coast Trades Center, New Waverly; Boysville, Converse; Texas Boy’s Ranch, Lubbock; Sweeten Home, Brownwood; West Texas Boy’s Ranch, San Angelo; and Collard Foster Home, Walnut Springs. Area ranches allowing the groups to fish were McHale Ranch, Zesch Ranch, Dail Ranch, Reardon Ranch, and Lazy H. Some of the boys also enjoyed fishing at Camp Gene Ashby in the Llano River. Operation Orphans directors and volunteers from across Texas came to spend the day with the boys, sharing their knowledge of fishing and the love of the outdoors. A great time was had by all.

Operation Orphans, Inc. will have a Fishing Camp for Girl’s, Saturday, April 28. At the present time, around 70 girls are expected to participate.

Operation Orphans, Inc. started the fishing camps in 2004. Over 900 children have participated.

Operation Orphans will offer four deer hunts for underprivileged kids beginning in October. Anyone desiring more information about Operation Orphans, Inc. and their hunting and fishing programs may call camp supervisors, Jerry and Lyla Crouch, Phone: 325.347.6745 or on the web: www.operationorphans.org.

At the present time, Operation Orphans is in need of coats and jackets for the upcoming hunting season. Contact Jerry or Lyla if you are wishing to donate.