Operation Orphans, Inc. Hunt Results

Operation Orphans, Inc. enjoyed successful youth hunts October 29, November 19 and December 3. Results from the three hunts had 136 boys and girls harvesting 213 animals. The final hunt of the 2016 season will take place January 7.

During the October hunt, 39 girls from 9 childcare facilities harvested 40 animals. This was followed by the November hunt which had 43 boys from 7 homes harvest 66 animals. Animals harvested were 31 whitetail doe, 20 spikes, 6 management bucks, 6 hogs, 2 aoudad and one fox. Homes participating were Gulf Coast Trades Center, New Waverly; Boys and Girls Country, Hockley; Cherokee Home, Cherokee; Methodist Home, Waco; Ashley House/Lawrence Home, Beaumont; and West Texas Boy’s Ranch, San Angelo. 17 ranches allowed the hunters to spend the day hunting. Ranches were Boatright Ranch, Mason county; BSAK Ranch, McCulloch; CA Ranch, Mason; CC Davis Ranch, McCulloch; Circle M, Gillespie; Compton Ranch, Mason; Craft Alaca, Blanco; Crenwelge Ranch, Gillespie; George Loftin, Mason; Karl Ransleben, Gillespie; Lazy H Ranch, Mason; Lehmberg Livestock, Mason; Patrick Loftin, Mason; Pinon Springs, Edwards; Schweining Ranch, Sutton; Wilson Ranch, Gillespie and Woelfel Stone Throw Ranch, Mason.

On December 3, Operation Orphans, Inc. hosted 54 boys from 8 childcare facilities. These youngsters harvested 107 animals. Animals harvested were 60 doe, 9 spikes, 30 management bucks, 4 hogs, 2 aoudad, 1 axis and 1 turkey. Homes bringing boys were Methodist Home, Waco; Gulf Coast Trades Center, New Waverly; West Texas Boy’s Ranch, San Angelo; Sweeten Home, Brownwood; Castro/Araujo Home, Elmendorf; Acuna Home, La Porte; Ashley House/Lawrence Home, Beaumont and Methodist Boy’s Ranch, Waco. Ranches were Bar 7 Ranch, Gillespie; Bloys Ranch, Kerr; Hansen Ranches, Mason; Indian Springs Ranch, Kerr; IX Ranch, Mason; Karl Ransleben, Gillespie; Lazy H Ranch, Mason; Lov Kuykendall, San Saba; Northcutt Ranch, Mason; Operation Orphans Game pasture, Mason; Patti & Richard Myrick, Mason; Robison 4R Ranch, Gillespie; Rockhead Ranch, Mason; Woelfel Stone Throw Ranch, Mason; and Ziegler James River Ranch, Mason.

Many individuals assist with the program by serving as hunting guides, preparing lunches and breakfast, assisting in the clothing room, etc. Mason Volunteer Fire Department members Clyde Martin and Joel Draper assisted with the Saturday morning breakfast during the October hunt. In November, Jackie Newman, Deana Hentz, Barbara Collard, June Durst, Ashley Osbourn, Sherry Lehmberg, Christie Lehmberg and Della Osbourn helped make lunches, while breakfast cooks were Terry Simonton, Stephen Kruso, James Simonton, Jacob Kruse and Kaiden Palacio. December lunch makers were Deana Hentz, Sherry Lehmberg, Ashley Osbourn, Della Osbourn, Otto Lehmberg, Erin Lehmberg and Lydia Lehmberg. December breakfast cooks were Terry Simonton, James Simonton and Nick Rodriguez.

Special thanks to Mason Bottling Company for providing softdrinks for the lunches. We also appreciate the individual who donated 20 pair of socks and 27 pair of gloves. Please visit www.operationorphans.org for information about the hunting and fishing programs.