Opportunities for Winter Anglers

CONCORD, N.H. — Winter anglers in New Hampshire had some trout stocked especially for them this year. The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department stocks trout during the fall months, mostly to bolster the winter ice fishery. This should translate into some exciting action for the state’s anglers this winter, according to Inland Fisheries Division Chief Jason Smith.

Anglers going after trout can find lists of waters that remain open to the taking of trout year round on the Fish and Game website:

For lakes and ponds, visit www.fishnh.com/fishing/trout-year-round.html.
For rivers and streams, see www.fishnh.com/fishing/trout-streams.html.
Rules for waterbodies with special regulations are listed in the N.H. Freshwater Fishing Digest, available from license agents or on the Fish and Game website at www.fishnh.com/fishing/publications.html.

Following is a list of New Hampshire lakes and ponds that were stocked with trout during the fall of 2017 (please note that there are many more New Hampshire waterbodies open for year-round fishing besides those on this list): Akers Pond, Errol; Cedar Pond, Milan; Big Diamond Pond, Stewartstown; Martin Meadow Pond, Lancaster; Pearl Lake, Lisbon; and Streeter Pond, Sugar Hill.

Additionally, the Fish and Game Department hatcheries stock post-spawn brook and brown trout into selected waterbodies without a closed season before winter. These fish can range from 2-3 pounds each. Numbers, dates, and stocking locations vary annually. These numbers are reduced this year due to unexpected circumstances at the hatcheries.

Anglers also should note a unique opportunity this year in the Baker River in Warren and Wentworth, NH. Severe weather in late October caused Warren State Fish Hatchery to be flooded. During the high water, many hatchery fish escaped into Patch Brook, and eventually the Baker River. Several thousand brook, brown, rainbow, and even some tiger trout escaped into the river downstream of the hatchery.

“New Hampshire rivers and streams open to angling January 1, so I would encourage anglers to take advantage of this opportunity in Patch Brook and the Baker River when weather conditions are favorable. Please note that Patch Brook is closed to fishing 300 feet downstream of the hatchery, so be mindful to stay downstream (west) of the Route 25 bridge,” said Smith.

Learn more about ice fishing in New Hampshire at www.fishnh.com/fishing/ice-fishing.html.