Oregon Anglers Encouraged To Turn In Tags and Cards

SALEM, Ore. – ODFW reminds anglers to turn in their 2017 Combined Angling Tags and/or Hatchery Salmon/Steelhead Harvest Cards (aka Hatchery Harvest Tags) as soon as possible.

The documents should be returned even if you didn’t catch any fish or go fishing.

Anglers with an annual fishing license are required to use the Combined Angling Tags and/or Hatchery Harvest Cards to track the number, type and location of fish harvested, providing ODFW with valuable harvest statistics.

“While it’s not mandatory to turn the cards in, we encourage anglers to return them,” said Mike Gauvin, ODFW recreational fisheries manager. “The information helps us better estimate salmon and steelhead harvest rates, which means we can better manage these fisheries.”

One-day and multi-day licenses also have space to track salmon, steelhead and halibut harvest. Anglers who purchased these documents are also encouraged to return them to ODFW.

Combined Angling Tags, Hatchery Salmon/Steelhead Harvest Cards and one-or multi-day licenses can be turned in to most POS agents or at any ODFW office located throughout the state. The cards can also be mailed to any ODFW office or to ODFW Headquarters, 4034 Fairview Industrial Drive SE, Salem, OR 97302.