Orphaned Cub Gets Fresh Start With New Mom

Last April, an orphaned bear cub from Caribou was placed in a den with a new mom, Jen, an experienced mother bear that had been found in good shape with her single cub when her den was visited by the department bear research crew a few weeks before the orphaned cub was found. Warden Alan Dudley managed to catch the cub whose mother had been hit by a car on the highway, and Biologists Randy Cross and Amanda DeMusz took the cub deep into the woods to its new family.

The bear research crew was out checking on dens again this year and is happy to report that the adopted cub (now a yearling) was alive and well with its mom and sister! The sister was fitted with a tracking collar to be added to the research project. Only female bears are fitted with tracking collars so the orphan male did not receive a collar but he did received new ear tags.

The family is snug and safe back in their den. The yearlings will both leave their mother this spring to start their own lives.