Pacific halibut commercial and recreational charter vessel permits

NEWPORT, Ore – New this year, NOAA Fisheries is now issuing permits for commercial and recreational charter vessels targeting Pacific halibut. Previously, vessel operators applied for permits through the IPHC (International Pacific Halibut Commission).

Operators should know application deadlines through NOAA Fisheries are earlier than they were through IPHC.

Recreational charter fishery – 15 days prior to fishing in IPHC Regulatory Area 2A.
Directed commercial fishery – Feb. 15 for directed non-tribal fishing south of Pt. Chehalis, WA.
Incidental salmon troll fishery – Mar. 1 for incidental catch of Pacific halibut.
Incidental longline sablefish fishery – Mar. 1 for incidental catch of Pacific halibut during the limited entry fixed gear sablefish primary fishery (north of Pt. Chehalis).

More information on Pacific halibut permits and how to apply is available on NOAA Fisheries webpage.