PFBC Approves Fishing License Fee Increase

HARRISBURG, Pa. – During a special meeting held today, the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) Board of Commissioners gave final approval to a list of proposed fee adjustments for fishing licenses and various other licenses and permits.

Under the proposal, the price of the most common fishing license and permits, a Resident Annual Fishing License, Trout Permit, and Combination Trout/Lake Erie Permit, would increase by $2.50 each in 2023, marking the first fee increases since 2005. Separate increases would be applied to other license and permit categories for non-residents, seniors, and tourists. Revenues from these fee increases are expected to generate an estimated $2.5 million annually for the PFBC’s Fish Fund to support fishing related programs.

In a separate action, the Board gave final approval to fee adjustments associated with several categories of boat titles, licenses, and permits. Many of these administrative fees, such as those related to the issuing of title certificates, cast net permits, and penalties for uncollectable checks, have not been updated since the 1980s or 1990s. Revenues from these fee increases are expected to generate an estimated $30,000 annually for the Fish Fund and $1.2 million for the PFBC’s Boat Fund to support boating related programs.

In accordance with Act 56 of 2020, which provided the PFBC with the authorization to set fees, the proposed fee adjustments were given preliminary approval by the Board during a special meeting on June 10, presented during a public hearing on July 25, and given final approval by the Board today. Also, in accordance with Act 56, the final rule proposal, transcript of the public hearing, and all public comments associated with the proposal will now be shared with the Pennsylvania House and Senate Game and Fisheries Committees for their review.