Power Outages Affecting Maine Deer Registration Stations

Due to extremely widespread power outages, some hunters are having difficulty registering their harvested deer. Hunters are encouraged to call ahead to registration stations to see if they are open. A complete list of registration stations and phone numbers can be found here http://maine.gov/ifw/docs/registrationstations.pdf.

We remind hunters to continue to hunt safely, and If you harvest a deer and are unable to find an open deer registration station, you can contact a Maine Game Warden through Maine State Police dispatch centers.

The department would like to remind hunters that a recently revised law, PUBLIC LAW 2017 CHAPTER 226, allows a person to keep an unregistered animal harvested by that person if they notify a game warden within 18 hours and provide the location of the animal and the circumstances preventing the person from registering the animal.

To reach a Game Warden 24-hours a day, please contact the Maine State Police dispatch center nearest you: