Proposal to rehabilitate the yellow perch and walleye populations in Roberts Lake

WABENO, Wis. –The public is invited to attend an upcoming meeting hosted by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to learn more about a proposal to rehabilitate yellow perch and walleye in Roberts Lake. The meeting begins at 7:00 p.m. on April 19 at the Wabeno Town Hall, 4473 N Branch Street.

The proposed rehabilitation project involves the removal of a high percentage of the largemouth bass and northern pike populations in Roberts Lake. Overpopulation of these two species have created major obstacles for walleye and yellow perch management and have led to a major population decline.

Since the earliest fisheries surveys of Roberts Lake, yellow perch have always been plentiful. Walleye were first introduced to Roberts Lake in 1938 where they’ve remained one of the best populations in Forest County. That was until recently. Drastic habitat changes in the lake, such as the growth of aquatic vegetation, have changed the composition of species and led to an all-time low in yellow perch and walleye abundance.