Public Asked to Participate in Moose Photo Survey

CONCORD, NH — As part of its ongoing efforts to monitor New Hampshire’s moose, the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department is asking the public to participate in a spring moose survey and submit photos of moose taken in New Hampshire from May 1 through May 15, 2017.

Images submitted should show one whole side of the moose (they should not be taken from in front of or behind the animal). And the images must be taken only during the May 1 through May 15 survey time period. Photos may be from regular cameras or trail cameras.

To learn more about the spring survey and submit your photographs May 1 through May 15, go to

Fish and Game wildlife staff have been monitoring moose around the state during the spring for several years to help assess tick loads. The results are tabulated in the Moose Spring Hair Loss Survey. This year, the Department is broadening the effort to include photos taken by the general public, hoping to expand the amount of information gathered in the survey.

“It is very important that submitted photographs show one whole side of the animal and that they are taken some time from May 1 through May 15,” said Fish and Game Moose Biologist Kristine Rines. “We appreciate the public taking the time to contribute to this survey and help biologists better assess the condition of our moose.”

Learn more about on-going research on New Hampshire’s moose at