Recovering roadkill on Wyoming roads requires authorization

Cheyenne – The Wyoming Game and Fish Department would like to remind the public that recovering road-killed wildlife requires authorization. To collect roadkill people need approval from Game and Fish prior to collection through the Wyoming 511 app or the Game and Fish desktop application. Authorization for the collection can be done through the app, even without cellular service. 

The public can request authorization to salvage deer, elk, antelope, moose, wild bison and wild turkey from unintentional vehicle collisions. 

A person who is authorized to collect roadkill must abide by the safety guidelines outlined within the regulation: 

Only take road-killed wildlife from a public road or highway from sunrise until sunset.
Parking off the road is required and emergency flashers must be used.
No field dressing of any kind is permitted on the roadway.
The whole animal must be taken and the inedible portions must be properly disposed of in an approved landfill.

Safety considerations prohibit people from picking up carcasses from extremely busy roadways, such as Interstates 25, 80 and 90. It also disallows collection in active construction areas and within national parks in Wyoming. 

To request authorization through the Wyoming 511 app, look for the “Report Roadkill” button on the homescreen. If the species is available for collection in an approved location, the user can request authorization. The app immediately sends a certificate upon completing the questionnaire. Requestors must currently have or create a username and password with the Game and Fish to gain authorization.