Report Your Wild Turkey Sightings Through March 31

CONCORD, N.H. – The N.H. Fish and Game Department reminds wildlife watchers to report sightings of wild turkeys. The Department’s Wild Turkey Flock Survey is open through March 31. The public is encouraged to report turkey sightings online at Please do not report multiple sightings of the same flock.

The survey is designed to fill gaps in Fish and Game’s existing winter flock data collection efforts, adding to the Department’s understanding of the abundance and distribution of turkeys during the winter months. Participants are asked to report: the number of turkeys in the flock; where they were seen; the type of habitat the birds were observed in; and what the turkeys were feeding on (for example, acorns, beechnuts, seed at birdfeeders, or corn silage).

“Keep reporting those turkeys — your observations contribute important information to our understanding of winter turkey status in an inexpensive, efficient and, hopefully, enjoyable way,” said Fish and Game turkey biologist Ted Walski.

Turkey research and monitoring in New Hampshire is funded by the federal Wildlife Restoration Program, supported by the purchase of firearms, ammunition, and archery equipment.