Restrictions on campfires, smoking lifted in Big Horn County

MILES CITY – Stage 1 fire restrictions have been lifted in Big Horn County, which means that Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks sites within the county also are no longer subject to fire restrictions.

Campfires and smoking again will be allowed at all Big Horn County Fishing Access Sites, which include Arapooish, Bighorn, General Custer, Grant Marsh, Mallard’s Landing and Two Leggins. Campfires and smoking are also allowed now at Rosebud Battlefield State Park and Grant Marsh Wildlife Management Area. Before restrictions were lifted, Tongue River Reservoir State Park was under an exemption allowing campfires in metal fire rings because it has on-site hosts.

FWP follows the lead of the Big Horn County commissioners, who rescinded fire restrictions effective Wednesday at 12:01 a.m.

Stage 1 restrictions ban campfires except where specifically exempted, and allow smoking only in vehicles and areas three feet in diameter that are cleared of flammable materials. People still may cook on an LP gas or propane stove that can be turned on and off.

Visitors to these sites are still advised to use caution, as drought conditions persist and increase the danger of human-caused wildfires.