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Rising river level causes closure of Pascagoula River WMA

JACKSON – Continued heavy rainfall and projected Pascagoula River levels have resulted in extensive flooding of Pascagoula River Wildlife Management Area (WMA). Effective December 29, 2018, Pascagoula River (WMA) will be closed to public access except for waterfowl hunting to river gauge levels. All deer and small game hunting is closed based on these parameters:

George County portion of the WMA when the Pascagoula River gauge at Merrill reads 18.0ft or higher

Jackson County portion of the WMA when the Pascagoula River gauge at Graham Ferry reads 15.0ft or higher.

Deep Slough and Graham Lake Roads in Jackson County will be closed when the river gauge at Graham Ferry reads 12.0ft or higher.

Roads will be re-opened when conditions are suitable for motorist safety and vehicle use that will minimize road damage. Click Here for river stages or by calling 228-769-6508. The earliest daily reading will determine WMA closure for the entire day.